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Soekarno Bridge Manado From Above

Manado City's Landmark, Soekarno Bridge. This photo was taken from above. What a beautiful views !

MANADO is the capital city of North Sulawesi Province in Indonesia. Manado is the city near by the beach. There are many interesting places to see in this lovely city. One landmark of Manado City is Soekarno Bridge as seen in image on this brief news.

It is very easy to reach Soekarno Bridge. The location is just 20 meters from “Pasar 45” downtown. You may walk from the downtown to there for 5-10 minutes. There are many public transportation from anywhere in Manado to Pasar 45 downtown, before you go to Soekarno Bridge. The one populer and budget transportation in Manado named Microlet or Angkot (Angkutan Kota).(ts/*)

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Moh. Jusuf Kalla Will Open The Biggest Christian Event in Manado

VICE President of Indonesian, Mr Moh. Jusuf Kalla is scheduled to open Minahasa Church Council (SMS) Assembly 79th, as the one biggest Indonesian Christianity Event in Manado City, North Sulawesi Province, Monday (March 19, 2018). The main agenda in this event is to choose the Chairman of the Synod (GMIM–The Evangelical Christian Church in Minahasa) for 2018-2021.

Related to this event, North Sulawesi Governor, Mr Olly Dondokambey who is also Chairman of the Committee, directly monitor the entire readiness of the event. Mr Dondokambey was seen to visit the location GKIC Novotel (five stars Hotel) Manado, as the location of that event, Sunday, 18 2018.

This event will be attended by thousands of participants as voters, and most of them are Priests. GMIM is the largest religious organization in North Sulawesi, and the third biggest Christianty Church organization in Indonesia. (ts/*)

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Pal Beach: “A Piece of Heaven” in North Minahasa

“Pal Beach is more beautiful than Kuta Beach”

THERE are many beautiful beaches in North Sulawesi. One of them is Pal Beach, located in Marinsow Village, East Likupang, North Minahasa District. Its just 60 km from Manado–the capital city of North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

Pal beach is a nice spot for tourists. The beach is blessed with a white sand beach that gracefully extends to the island’s northern coast, and the water is clear. To reach this place, you only need around 90 minutes by land transportation from Manado City.

It would be wonderful if it comes in the morning or the evening. The beach is much visited local and foreign travelers, now.

“This beach looks like a piece of heaven. I think this beach is more beautiful than Kuta Beach. You definitely will not regret to come this beach,” said a tourist from Europe when visited Pal Beach.

The same opinion also come from the other tourist. “I have twice visited this place, and I never bored with this place. This beach is one of beach that must be visited when you visit to North Sulawesi. Why? Because this beach is very beautiful and still natural with white sand and the blue water. I love the view, and the time required to get to the beach is about 1 hour from Manado city,” said azkanahrun. (ts/*)

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Berita Utama

110 US Air Force Soldiers Participated Military Excercise in Manado

US Air Force and the Indonesian air force participated the Cope West 2018 Field Training Exercise in North Sulawesi, Manado City, Indonesia, March 12-23, 2018.

This bilateral exercise is designed to advance interoperability and build on the partnership that exists between U.S. military forces and the Indonesian air force. It also allows for the exchange of techniques related to air-to-air training and promotes regional stability through cooperation.

Cope West 18 involves fighter aircraft from the U.S. and Indonesian air forces and will mark the second time that U.S. fighter training has taken place in Indonesia in two decades. Exercise Cope West enhances combined readiness and interoperability and reinforces the U.S. commitment to the Pacific.

According to, approximately 110 US personnel are participating in the exercise with approximately 150 service members from the Indonesian air force. The exercise will involve approximately 12 aircraft including U.S. Air Force F-16C/D aircraft and F-16 aircraft from the Indonesian air force. (pcm/ts)

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US Ambassador Meets North Sulawesi Governor in Manado

US Ambassador Mr Joseph R. Donovan jr (left) with The Governor of North Sulawesi, Mr Olly Dondokambey.

US Ambassador Mr Joseph R. Donovan jr, for the first time during his task in Indonesia, visits to North Sulawesi and meet Governor Olly Dondokambey, at Governor Office in Manado, Monday on March 12, 2018.

“This is my first time to visit North Sulawesi, and I am very interested in investment opportunities with North Sulawesi,” said Donovan as quoted by the North Sulawesi Provincial Public Relation, today.

The meeting between Donovan and Dondokambey agreed to increase cooperation between North Sulawesi and the US, involving investment in various fields, such as Power Plant, Garbage Treatment, Tourism and Education sector.

Donovan said, he plan to return to the US in April 2018, to explain the investment opportunities in North Sulawesi to US entrepreneurs.

“I will meet with the entrepreneurs in there (US), to expose all business opportunities in North Sulawesi, including in tourism as well,” Donovan said.

On that occasion, Donovan also encourages the Youth student from North Sulawesi to study in the United States. He impressed to know that the son of the Governor (Rio Dondokambey), just completed his studies there (US).

“It is currently easier to get a study visa in US, 97 percent of the visa applications are approved by the US government,” Donovan said. (ts/hms)

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